February 13, 2006

Academy, Bauhaus or "Advanced?"

I have received a request to initiate an "open thread" discussion on Thierry de Duve's "When Form Has Become Attitude - And Beyond" particularly in reference to what Steven was talking about in his class presentation. So does the Corcoran follow one of these visual arts education "models," or any of them at all? What would be the desirable arts education format?

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Craig Webb said...

Art School Curriculum

I would like to continue on our earlier topic that Steven brought up in his presentation regarding the Corcoran'scurriculum.

If the academy model and the Bauhaus model deserve to die, isn't the Goldsmith's model of conceptualism also passé? Seems like if the Corcoran would like to be in the vanguard of art colleges they shouldn't be stuck in internecine battles trying to implement a model that was cutting edgein the 80's? What would we wish a new model to involve? I'm all in favor of a hybrid of the three, but I think there needs to be an ideology behind it cause all we have know is mishigas.