February 9, 2006

Official Launch of www.markcameronboyd.com

Today I officially "launched" my website: http://www.markcameronboyd.com/

The site includes samples of my current text-based artwork, selections of my writing, exhibition reviews, and news of upcoming exhibitions, lectures and courses. I have future plans to post archival footage of "works in process" and to spotlight select essays on art theory issues by current and former "Theory Now" students. Please contact me if you would like to submit your writing.

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James W. Bailey said...

Dear Brother Mark,

The Right Reverend James W. Bailey is pleased do announce for world-wide media distribution that his church in Mississippi and Pope Benedict XVI in Rome (I'm talking about the Rome in Italy, not Georgia) have reached an accord to issue a formal joint Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat upon your blessed blog. Brother James is also currently negotiating with religious leaders from many of the world's other faiths for similar approvals - Brother James will, however, advance alert you to the fact that the Jehovah Witnesses are being rather recalcitrant in these sensitive negotiations. They've got lots of issues with the word "theory"! :)

The Right Reverend James W. Bailey