August 30, 2006

Theory NOW: A Continual Discourse

I am initiating a little experiment with my Theory NOW blog to announce regular weekly discussions on specific topics of art theory, along with suggested readings for further investigation. My intention is to provide readers of this blog a better grounding for discussions on our topics, as well as outside sources. Since you are always welcome to join the discourse, I hope this weekly discussion will perhaps offer you a sense of intimacy within the framework of “virtual reality.”

For those of you who have the desire to do additional reading, I will provide a list of readings from the text that I ask my Corcoran College of Art + Design students to read. Of course, I would love for you to attend the Theory NOW course which I teach at Corcoran for you to gain the full experience of a structured course. This is not, of course, in any way an attempt to duplicate the “Corcoran experience” or to attempt to offer a virtual class, but to establish a more directed approach to the ideas envisioned for this blog as a “discursive site about art theory.”

I will ask that those readers who wish to participate in this weekly discourse become fully “registered users” of this blog. At this point, I will not “monitor” discussions as we proceed in democratic fashion, self-governed by our intelligence, courtesy and "blog-iquette.”

Suggested Textbook: Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists’ Writings, (Peter Selz, Kristine Stiles, editors), University of California Press, 1996.

Suggested readings for week of 01 September 2006: From Chapter 9: Marcel Duchamp’s The Creative Act, The Richard Mutt Case and Apropos of Readymades; PLUS
Benjamin Buchloh’s “Hanta├»/Villegl├ę and the Dialectics of Painting’s Dispersal” in Neo-Avantgarde and Culture Industry, MIT Press, 2000.


JM said...

This sounds fantastic. It's like being back in school! And I already have these books (I took a class with Buchloh three years ago). I'm so psyched for this "semester."

onesock said...

This is great! I have "Theories" and will be on the hunt for Buchloh's. Perhaps my university has it.

Shanthi said...

I am not sure if my previous comment was sent. So, I am repeating....
I am interested in participating in the discussions. I will try to get the books by this week. Thank you for this opportunity.

Craig P. Webb said...

The beat goes on!

M. Cameron Boyd said...

Welcome JM, onesock and Shanthi! And welcome back, CPW!

With such an enthusiastic response to this "project," our discussions should be
energetic as well as informed. My class will benefit from your added comments
and insight and I look forward to beginning our discourse tomorrow.