October 23, 2006

The Logocentric Playground

I will be installing my Logocentric Playground at American University Museum at Katzen Arts Center in Washington, D.C. on November 14, 2006. AU's site has more information about my installation and I plan to post weekly reports of my progress In the Studio on my official artwork web site.

During the exhibition span (Nov. 14-Dec. 15) I will write more about the genesis of the piece, logocentricism and the response of the university /art community to my installation.


mm said...

mark, i wanted to write on your peice in the faculty show, but no one else had and i felt as though i should not be the first one to do so. i have been conditioned not to touch work in museums, and i was torn. has it been hard to get people to participate? i also think it is interesting to have a somthing in a museum that is to be solved by an audience that is to afraid to touch it.

M. Cameron Boyd said...

Mia: Thank you for your comment on my piece in the faculty exhibit. I plan a future post concerning my Logocentric Playground installation at American University's Museum at Katzen Arts Center.

Moving from the presentation of prosaic objects to the mode of an interactive installation presented unique challenges for me. The process of how one may actively decode my transcriptions has not been given as wall text or verbal instruction, but evolved through unconscious "suggestion" to word-of-mouth. I believe as I continue to mount installations this "knowledge" will become more prevalent. Meanwhile, since my smaller panels have been 95% "translated" by the end of each showing, the 4-week duration at the Katzen should be quite an interesting development.