January 18, 2007

Post-Conceptualism: Epistemic Myth and the Metonymic Avant Garde

"There is a contemporary tendency of some artists to don the “cloak of conceptualism” to assume the stylistics of the earlier practice in both visuality and criticality of their work. The new Post-Conceptualism pervades much of the present work in the global art market yet the resultant art is an empty practice without the knowledge and support of Conceptual Art. It is abundantly clear that Post-Conceptualism must address the essential theories of Conceptual Art as a validated art movement and continue its impact within the historicity of art."

(Excerpt from Mark Cameron Boyd syllabus, © Copyright 2007.)

My Spring ‘07 Corcoran College of Art + Design theory course will focus on visual artists of Post-Conceptual practice whose work is informed by the original Conceptual Art of the 1960’s. We seek to distinguish the contemporary art that is an "authentic reflection of the theories posited by the original conceptualists, and whether these artists have engaged the theories in ways that have added to the discourse of conceptualism." We will also identify artists who use Conceptual Art’s "style" as metonymy, who present their works as surface without substance.

Textbook: Theory in Contemporary Art since 1985, (Zoya Kocur, Simon Leung, eds.), Blackwell, 2005.

Reading for 24 January: Chapter 2: When Form Has Become Attitude — And Beyond by Thierry de Duve.

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