December 20, 2007

'Tis the Season

St. Patrick's Cathedral crucifixes made in China by women under terrible conditions.

St. Patrick's pulls crucifixes.

"Kehinde's 'Paintings' might as well be ink jet prints, or a pair of air jordans. They are made in China from images that he emails to the same website or "atelier" your grandma does when she wants last years christmas card translated into a "real official" oil painting. Sure believe the art in america[sic] from a few years ago that says he has assistants 'only paint the backgrounds, but he of course saves the figures for himself' if you want... But if you would just open your eyes for a second you would realize that he is just another oppurtunist, if anything worse since he attempts to present himself as genuine, which itself is funny since entire tomes could be written on how ironic it is that he employs the new sweatshop labor to expose the horrors oh[sic] the old...

But there's one question none of you are capable of asking, why didn't he just do this in the first place? It would have been a conceptual attempt worth debating, but instead he just goes back to fooling all the 'whities' with his blackness."

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