May 6, 2008

Anonymous Art

Occasionally exhibition opportunities arise that I cannot pass up. It might be the chance to expose my work to new audiences, or perhaps a curatorial relevance to my art practice will catch my attention. That said, the Art Anonymous fundraiser is not only a good cause but offers me the possibility of expanding the idea of anonymity into a unique project.

For their first Art Anonymous fundraiser, benefiting the Corcoran College of Art + Design’s BFA Scholarship Fund, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and Friends of the Corcoran asked artists to donate postcard-sized works for sale. The anonymity twist - all work is signed on the back so the artist remains a mystery - entices potential buyers with hopes of securing a “name” artist’s work for $100.

As reported on-line by a local publication, I speculated that most artists would donate smaller versions of their usual work. This means savvy collectors might be able to spot the “name artist” even without needing to see the name and “walk away with a fantastic bargain.” Well and good, and reason enough to come to the Art Anonymous Preview and Raffle this Saturday, May 10 at 6:00 pm.

However, because of my recognizable art practice I donated quite a different object to this show. Seeking to expand the participatory nature of my practice, I thought of a way to incorporate anonymity within my “mystery” project. However, confusing potential buyers only thwarts my intention so I reveal here three hints:

My Art Anonymous object looks nothing like my regular work but has the commonality of duration and can embody chronology. This project is owner-specific and the new owner will receive additional materials from me to complete the work as a kind of record.

Good luck and I hope to see you at the event. For information, please call 202-639-1753.

Image: Announcement card for Corcoran Gallery of Art's Art Anonymous show with names of the artists.


tackad said...

hahaha anyone who's seen your work would probably guess this is you. And just in case they didn't figure THAT out, you've so graciously included your name in the top right hand corner. Just how dumb are these buyers supposed to be.
Technically you broke the rules by printing your name on the front . . . . . .??
but hey, whatever works.

Mark Cameron Boyd said...

I apologize for the confusion: the image is the announcement postcard for Art Anonymous. I did not realize that this might be mistaken as the work I donated for the show. (It does have a curious similarity to my work, I have to admit.)

tackad said...

oops, my bad, guess I shoulda looked closer
- but it did hit me in a funny way.
no hard feelings.