June 18, 2008

By Proxy

My proposal for the Daily Constitutional Summer Issue No. 6 (BY PROXY) will consist of a single page document created specifically for the issue and presented as a contest for readers. The page “site” would need to be either the interior of the front or rear cover (or the rear cover itself) as paper stock would need to be glossy finish for dry erase marker.

My original text is represented in my “bisected process” so that only 50% of the text will be legible. (Examples are here.) Accompanying information provided in the foreword to the BY PROXY issue would invite readers to “decipher” the text by filling in the missing portion of my bisected sentences. The use of dry erase markers is encouraged to facilitate erasure and “corrections.” The first reader to submit a complete and correct decoding of the original text transcription would be the “winner” of a “prize” that can be determined by the Daily Constitutional.*

This magazine specific work continues my text-based and interactive explorations. It is conceived for multiple “players” who perform individual transcriptions and the required decoding actions in a “private” yet competitive format that mimics the “participatory” nature of the art experience. The success of the piece is dependent upon individual experience and person-to-person communication, and its contextual meaning exists as multiple points-of-view by an “invisible” audience.

* This work is conceived as a Limited Edition, consisting of 1999 unsigned and unnumbered prints, plus 1 signed and numbered edition to be given to the first Collaborator to complete the work. For complete rules and a listing of where to find BY PROXY in Basel, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Victoria and Wilmington, visit Daily Constitutional.

Image: By Proxy (2008); limited edition print in book; 6"x8";
© Copyright by Mark Cameron Boyd.

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