June 8, 2008


My Art Anonymous donation was purchased and the collector found this when he opened it:

101 Conceptual Art Ideas is an on-going project whereby the Artist (Mark Cameron Boyd) posts ideas randomly on 101 Conceptual Art Ideas at his discretion. The owner of this “diary” will receive email notifications when new ideas are posted on-line. These emails should be printed-out and pasted into the “diary” in chronological order.

And I launched Channel MCB on YouTube to document performances, installations and archival footage.

Daily Constitutional Issue 6, “By Proxy” and “Song for Europe” at The Athenaeum in Alexandria, opening 8/16/2008.


Manuel Pereira da Silva said...

Excellent Blog...glad I found a new source for checking out what's new and hot in the Arts...Thanks for writing good content!!!

Mark Cameron Boyd said...

Welcome to Theory Now and thanks for your comments.