October 15, 2008

Chalkboard Talks

I was invited to participate in a "thematic conversation" that the "Floating Lab Collective" has organized as part of the "Close Encounters" exhibition at American University Museum at Katzen Arts Center. The conversation participants also include Kathryn Cornelius, John James Anderson and Welmoed Laanstra, and our topic is "The Intersection of Art and Society".

I must admit I am looking forward to interacting with the tables and chairs specifically constructed for the talks that are "painted in blackboard paint so they can be utilized as a recording surface." The event begins at 1:00 pm - call 202-306-5643 for more information.


Flug Los Angeles said...

I think its a very important intersection! Art and society are two different categorys, but together they will be trendsetting. We must open our mind for new ways!

mike said...

Louise Nevelson Was Here