January 26, 2009

Theories & Documents

"The materials I used to make these works are blackboard paint, pastel and Conté crayon on 4"x6" birchwood “blocks.” This is the first volume of the series that was begun in 2006 and completed in 2009. The blocks are bisected text versions of notecards I use to teach my contemporary art theory course, Theory Now.

This series continues my exploration of participatory art and for this particular series participation is “owner-specific.” That is to say, only the owners of the blocks are authorized to engage in participatory acts upon the works.

There are two possible actions you can take as an individual owner of the block(s):

you can decipher the bisected text written in Conté crayon (protected from erasure by fixative) to “complete” my notations;

or you may elect to do nothing to the block (which is an “act” in and of itself)

My concept for this series is for all of the individual blocks to be reunited at a future date to exhibit the actions (or non-actions) of the individual owners."

"Theories & Documents" at Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, D.C.; Jan. 31-Mar. 13, 2009.

Image: Theory Notecards (2006-2009); in studio; © Copyright by Mark Cameron Boyd.

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