February 18, 2009

Theory Notecards

As a continuation of participatory practice, my first volume of Theory Notecards (2006-2009), initiates “owner-specific” participation:

“The blocks represent text-bisected versions of the same notecards I use to teach art theory. Participation is owner-specific: buyers of the blocks are authorized to decipher the bisected text and attempt to ‘complete’ my notations. My bisected text is written in Conté and protected from erasure by fixative. All individual blocks will be reunited for a future exhibition to share the actions (or non-actions) of individual block owner-artists.”

I have now launched Theory Notecards ON-LINE for purchase. This is not a solicitation: I expect that few fellow artists or former /current students will buy blocks (although 7 blocks were purchased by fellow artists - this indicates their comprehension of my concept and willingness to support it, and for this I am grateful). I am keeping you apprised of my pursuits and trust you will understand my motives are the exposure of my work.

Image: Notecard 59(55): Con.Art (2006-2009); blackboard paint, Conté & pencil on birch; H4"xW6"; © Copyright by Mark Cameron Boyd.

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