July 7, 2009

One Blogger to Another

“Hello!? I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.? I am a blogger and I have recently started a new blog called "Concerning Art".? Its focus is on the arts in their many forms; visual arts, film, literature, etc., as well as being sort of a Los Angeles centric blog, simply due to the fact that I live and work in LA.? I am an aspiring writer and hopefully art history grad student whose always been interested in viewing art and popular culture for an analytical perspective.? I was looking at your blog and was very impressed with its layout and content, as well as its visual appeal.? Please do take a look at my blog, and if you like what you see I would be very happy to do a link exchange with you.? If you do decide to exchange links please also be sure to send me the exact url address you would like me to link to, meaning your blog(s) &/or your website.? Also, if you like my writing style and would like me to quest on your blog or if you would like me to do a blog post about your art/projects I would be happy to oblige.? I should let you know that I'm very new to the art of blogging and if I have committed some sort of faux pas please forgive me.? I do hope you like my writing and hope that I'll be hearing back from you soon.? Thank you in advance.

Blog Address:? http://concerningart.blogspot.com


Hello Martina,

Many thanks for your kind words and welcome to the undetermined world of art blogging. I say “undetermined” because at this early stage in your art blogging experience it is imperative for you to understand we do not yet know what it is that art blogs are supposed to do or write about, or what, if any, “style” they should emulate, or what function they can provide to the larger (read “Real”) art world.

I should mention that when I first began Theory Now in 2005 it never occurred to me that it would eventually embody much more than a personal outlet for my opinions. As you have no doubt noted, my infrequent but regular posts (apparently I average a new post every 10 days) do significantly convey my subjective views on art theory and practice. However, I take pride in the fact that Theory Now is rare among art blogs in its academic approach to art theory and practice. I believe that regular readers of this blog are distinctly aware of its unique character and understand that what I post here are essentially essays. Being essays, I generally provide footnotes and citations concerning the topics that I address and with which it has always been my hope that the reader may continue their individual approach to further explorations.

Having said all that, I urge you to carefully consider the role that your writing might play in the virtual world of Internet art blogging. I offer only my own suggestions here, for it is your blog after all, but there are two points that I want to touch upon.

Art criticism is currently in a crisis of sorts. To put it bluntly, we have drifted into ennui and egalitarianism with the pluralist vision that was launched about 25 years ago in the art world. It is difficult to find many art critics (much less art bloggers) willing to state a position that surmounts those “judgments of taste” that prevail in today’s critical views. Therefore, I challenge you to take a stand but voice your opinions within the strength of the critical hierarchy that exists. Obviously, this will require a little outside reading and education, and should you embark upon that art history trajectory you will be well-fortified with texts of criticism and theory. This is what is missing from the art bloggers: an awareness of where art has been and what has been established about art within art criticism.

If you choose not to write critically about art but merely wish to document what you see that interests you, what others are making or doing, then at least take the time to provide context. Again, this will involve some research, reading and looking, but is absolutely essential, yet mostly neglected, in order to rise above the “studied ignorance” that is currently evident in both art practice and art criticism.

I would be glad to link to Concerning Art and wish you good luck. You may link to this URL: http://theorynow.blogspot.com. Please also visit my artwork site at http://www.markcameronboyd.com and link to it as well.

I congratulate you on beginning your art writing endeavor and hope my words provide some direction if not inspiration.


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nosey parker said...

wow...I wish to evoke your teaching pedagogy.