January 25, 2010

New Year, New Plan

With the start of this current semester my teaching load has increased three-fold. Undoubtedly, welcomed news for my fine arts education career, particularly if I consider the coursework I have been contracted to teach. More on that later, but suffice it to say that for the next 13 weeks, major changes in my time-management are required.(1)

When I came to this conclusion, one thing that occurred to me was to put my blog on temporary hiatus. Regular readers of Theory Now know that I generally post only three times a month, essentially because I expend inordinate amounts of effort on researching and writing my posts. Faced with the prospect of additional teaching duties, I envisioned my posts dwindling to once a month, so a sabbatical seemed a natural solution. However, another plan has come to mind, one that has an ironic possibility of improving readership.(2)

My plan is this: I will temporarily forgo my modus operandi of lengthy, academic posts for shorter observations on art news, curatorial events and our shared "society of the spectacle." In challenging myself to write more spontaneously and off the cuff, I hope to continue to breathe life into this blog and maybe even tempt you loyal readers to visit more frequently. So, off we go.


1. I will be joining Lucy Hogg, Ivan Witenstein and Christine Bailey in "Fine Arts Core IV: Senior Thesis" at Corcoran College of Art + Design. We are working with 26 Seniors to guide them as they develop their BFA thesis shows this Spring.

2. As has been noted by those who monitor such things, bloggers who post daily or even multiple times a day tend to have greater readership.

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short posts good