May 7, 2010

All About Yves!

After the better part of a year dealing with shows fawning over the latest "SCA" group, or freting over maligned museums forcing "postminimalism" down our throats, finally an American institution gets it right. The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will launch a major retrospective of Yves Klein, the hugely influential but less known French pioneer of conceptualism, performance, fire and "painted nudes." Opening officially on May 20, festivities are already underway as a "social media material archive" drops various Klein ephemera, nostalgia, radio interviews, secret letters and "Tweeted" manifestos. Yes, you can now follow both Marcel Duchamp and Yves Klein on Twitter. We await only some young, healthy models to drench themselves in "IKB" and take to 7th Street as Anthropometries!

1 comment:

ken weathersby said...

looking forward to this, can't wait in fact.