October 9, 2010


A remarked trend of late couples flâneurism with “snark criticism” to produce an irreverent nostalgia which often generates marvelous simulacrum, or at the very least, a laugh. Scrupulous readers of this very site may have noticed my own tendancies toward the edible readymade as I keep an alert eye out for random knock-offs of contemporary found art on city streets.

Enter Is It Art or Fart?, a two-year-old blog whose avowed mission is to point out to us how some urban debris or business façade can occasionally be a dead-ringer, stand-in for contemporary art by using various street captures of items that resemble (or mock) famous and infamous artworks by everyone from Marcel Duchamp to Barbara Kruger. The “anonymously-run” site is “assisted” by art consultant Adam Shopkorn and artist Alex Israel and has generated sufficient interest in derisive buffoonery to prompt a quickie paperback release.

As expected, the site goes to the “easy” targets often, but to its credit I.I.A.O.F. can be tres insider. Nevertheless, does anyone besides entrenched, art world denizens know or care who Wade Guyton, Cady Noland and Dave Muller are? Perhaps it requires an elitist, jaded, Manhattan perspective for these roundhouse jabs to really connect.

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