April 29, 2011

On site

A performance by Mark Cameron Boyd & friends creating a spatio-temporal, participatory installation in the conference room at Grupo 7, Georgetown's leading architecture firm; MCB will speak "on site," his words transcribed via his text bisection process that guests may decipher afterward.

Sponsored by The Art Registry, Alchimie Forever & Grupo 7; additional artwork by Joan Belmar, Joel D'Orazio, J. Ford Huffman, Ani Kasten, Khanh H. Le & Greg Minah.

Where: 1010 Wisconsin Ave. NW, WDC
When: reception: 5:30-8; performance: 6:15pm
RSVP: rsvp@theartregistrygroup.com


John Kim said...

What does all that writing say?

Justin said...

WHEN is this event happening?

Mark Cameron Boyd said...
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Mark Cameron Boyd said...

John: Too much to explain.
Justin: Link fixed; event is TOMORROW: THURSDAY, MAY 5 @ 6:15PM.