September 21, 2012

Fall Topics

With the Fall comes a new season, a new course load and a new perspective on all things art-related. This December will mark the sixth year of this blog’s existence and in preparation for that anniversary there are several topics forthcoming on this site. To whit:

First, I would like to re-visit accumulation to propose yet another way of looking at it as art practice. My esteemed colleagues who paneled our College Art Association session last February approached accumulation from a wide variety of viewpoints all of which provided scholarly knowledge on this still developing and under-recognized movement.

Next, I have been meaning to articulate my opinions and perceptions on the on-going issues regarding the Corcoran’s current angst-ridden dilemma. Potentially, the great iconic building will be emptied of both the Corcoran Gallery’s extensive art collection and the Corcoran College will be exiled to Virginia (or some other suburban locale). The angst this has generated in faculty, staff and students of the college has yet to be fully examined. Having taught at the Corcoran for nine years, it behooves me to wade in to this fray.

After those more pressing matters I shall try to make headway on the massive Getty-funded effort to re-write and/or renegotiate the history of Los Angeles art that is Pacific Standard Time. My own history with that great, sprawling city has been documented on these pages before but I have several salient points that must be made public regarding my own contributions to LA’s development as a world-renowned art center. The image above documents my initial foray into conceptual “aart” and shows my youthful determination to change/remake the very definitions of art. That determination has not waned and it has become abundantly clear to me that it is my own responsibility to position myself in “art history,” rather than wait for The Institution to do so.

In addition to the above, there’s Thierry de Duve’s recent Corcoran seminar series and the second installment of Leigh Conner and Jamie Smith’s (e)merge coming up. So stay tuned and many thanks for your continued support these past six years.

Image: MCB as "aartist," photograph by MCB, © Copyright 1979-2012.

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