July 9, 2014

"Readymake" in 3D

"However, in the 1920s, [Duchamp] left the art world behind -- and took up chess in some form or another, and stayed with it for the rest of his life, first aspiring to become a champion player and then, when he realised he didn't have the skill, becoming a chess journalist. It was during this time that he carved his own chess set. This was not for production, but for his own pleasure, and only one set was made; currently, it resides in a private collection, unseen by the public. But photos of it can be found, and it was by using one of these that artists Scott Kildall and Bryan Cera managed to recreate the set through 3D printing.
"The idea was not only to rebuild the lost objects, but to release open-source digital files to be 3D-printed by anyone interested in resurrecting the objects for themselves," Cera wrote. "In homage to the original set's owner, we decided to call this kind of re-animated, re-configured and re-claimed object a 'Readymake'."

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