February 26, 2015

History of Painting 1

The History of Art is said to begin with Lascaux and cave paintings, of which human hands figure prominently. Thus, from the beginning, writing functioned as assertion: “I am here now.”

Primitive cave dwellers also depicted bison and other Paleolithic creatures. We can surmise then that they perceived themselves and the Other equal in importance.

Because the hands are conveyed in both print and stencil (“positive” and “negative”) representations, this provokes one to imagine also that cave-people had at least rudimentary comprehension that their physical body existed within a space, or a World. These are remarkable thoughts in the minds of these 17,000-year-old hominids.

If you think it a leap of conjecture to imagine such thoughts were possible in the Paleolithic brain then you aren’t considering what men and women have always been capable of: conveying the Outside, filtered through their eyes, onto an Exterior Space for pure regard, or Contemplation.


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