October 31, 2015

On Chibchan Languages

In a few months I will be creating a site-specific, participatory installation in San Jose, Costa Rica. The curatorial theme is “Reflections on Diversity” and I have decided to incorporate Spanish, the national language of Costa Rica, with English on my text-based panels for this installation.

My research and development for the textual content of this installation has led me to discover Costa Rica's many indigenous native languages. Some of these languages are classified as Chibchan and were spoken by tribes in Costa Rica such as the Bribri, Brunka (or Boruca) and Cabécar, and their languages are considered endangered:   

To prepare for this bilingual, possibly multi-lingual, installation I am seeking informational resources about the Bribri, Brunka, Cabécar and other indigenous native languages of Costa Rica, particularly with regard to their phonetic and/or phonologic relationship to Spanish. Any links to texts, documentaries, lectures or dissertations about these indigenous native languages would be most appreciated; please contact me via mark_boyd@gwu.edu

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